Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Bell Helmet?

Race FX distribute Bell Helmets to authorised stockists throughout the UK, some of these stockists also run their own online sites. If you would like to view or purchase a Bell Helmet you will find a full list of our dealers and their contact details on our FIND YOUR NEAREST STORE page

Where can I get information about the availability of Bell products?

Speak with your local stockist, if they do not have the item in stock, providing there is stock in the UK warehouse your stockist should have this for you the following working day on requests placed before 3pm.

Can I buy a helmet from this web site?

Bell Helmets do not sell direct to the public, please use our stockist finder to find your nearest store

Do I pay VAT on helmets in UK?

No, helmets are not subject to VAT in the UK

How do I properly fit my helmet?

Please refer to the size guide to get your approximate size and then try this on at your local stockist to ensure this is the fit you require. Your Bell stockist will be able to advise if the helmet is the right fit for you. When developing their helmet shells, Bell helmets scanned over 5000 heads to ensure the best all-round fit. Each helmet model has a number of shell sizes to ensure optimum protection and overall look.

Can I get extra Bell Helmets stickers for my helmet?

Yes, simply ask the store you purchased the helmet from

Can I still get parts for my old Bell Helmet?

Many parts for discontinued helmets are still available. Please ask your local Bell stockist to assist you.

How often should I change my helmet?

Most helmets are constructed using EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) As with many man made materials these deteriorate over time and are often influenced by the conditions the helmet has been kept and the amount of wear your helmet has received. As a guide we recommend you change your helmet at least every 5 years but in many cases you may need to replace your helmet more frequently. If you damage your helmet in any way we recommend you replace it.

How long is my warranty valid?

All Bell helmets come with a 5 year warranty 

Do Bell Helmets provide racing support?

Yes, we are currently considering CV's for Race support. Please email your CV to 'marketing at' (please use the @ sign - writen this way to protect against spam) or call us on 01254 311222 to discuss.

Why don't you list the Rouge, Revolver EVO, Vortex, Mag-9, Pit Boss and Shorty on the UK website?

The helmets shown on this website are for the UK and hold the UK ECE 22.05 certification. Some of the Bell DOT helmets have not been tested for ECE approval and as such are not legal for us on UK roads.